Profile For Alex Beavil

  • Origin: United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Pilot ID: DBX030
  • Pilot Rank: Junior Flight Officer

  • VATSIM Pilot Rating: P0 (Not Rated)
  • VATSIM ID: 13023142
  • Main Flight Simulator: FS9
  • Total Flights: 13
  • Total Hours: 26.49
  • Pilot Hub: LROP

  • Actual Position:

Alex Beavil Awards

Flights under Air Danubius call sign

10 Flights Award granted for 10 flights at Air Danubius

1st Flight Award granted for the 1st flight at Air Danubius

Tours Awards

The pilot does not have any Tours Awards.


The pilot does not have any VATSIM Awards.

Events Awards

LROP - LKPR Group Fllight For group flying from Bucharest to Prague on 25.05.2016

Skill Awards

VAPPL For completing 20h of flying time and the Phase 1 VAPPL Training on single engine propeller aircraft. Received rating on aicrafts like Cessna '72, Baron '58, ATR-72-500.

TouchDown Under -50 landing rate

Past 30 days PIREPs


Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
DBX1921 KSFO KLAX B737-800 (YR-DCD) 01.24 06/26/2016 Accepted
DBX1921 KLAX KSFO B737-800 (YR-DCD) 01.15 06/26/2016 Accepted
DBX72E EGNT LEPA B737-800 (YR-DCD) 03.12 06/25/2016 Accepted
DBX1921 LSZH EGMC B737-800 (YR-DCD) 01.25 06/25/2016 Accepted
DBX1921 LEBL EGMC B737-800 (YR-DCD) 02.01 06/24/2016 Accepted
DBC961 LROP LGSK B737-800 (YR-DCD) 01.47 06/16/2016 Accepted
DBX1921 LROP LYTV B737-800 (YR-DCD) 01.45 06/13/2016 Accepted
DBX1921 LRTR LBWN B737-800 (YR-DCD) 01.35 06/12/2016 Accepted
DBX1921 EHAM KBOS B777-300 (YR-DIE) 07.22 06/11/2016 Accepted
DBX1921 LROP LBSF B737-800 (YR-DCD) 01.27 06/10/2016 Accepted
DBX1921 LROP LBSF B737-800 (YR-DCD) 00.53 06/09/2016 Accepted
DBX1921 LROP LKPR B777-200 (YR-DIC) 02.03 05/25/2016 Accepted
DBX9861 LROP LRCL () 00.40.26 03/28/2016 Accepted