Flight DBX7299

  • Submitted By: Adrian Chitan
  • Departure Airport: Bucharest / Henri Coanda (LROP)
  • Arrival Airport: Warsaw Chopin Airport (EPWA)
  • Aircraft: B737-800 (YR-DCD)
  • Flight Time: 02.00.52
  • Date Submitted: 02/22/2019
  • Route: DENAK T74 URELA P727 BUKOV L621 LIMVI

  • Status: Accepted
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(104 load / € 325.00 per unit
€ 33, 800.00
Fuel Cost:
(4159.9 fuel used @ 1.2 / unit)
€ 4, 991.88

Flight Details

  • Over -700 fpm 5/5 reject : -

Additional Log Information:

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[09:45:23z] Recording started...
n[09:45:23z] User Aircraft: Airbus A320 British Airw
n[09:45:23z] Flight Phase: Boarding
n[09:58:09z] Engine 2 started
n[09:59:39z] Engine 1 started
n[10:00:51z] Flaps 1 at 329 ft MSL with 0KIAS
n[10:00:51z] Flaps 2 at 329 ft MSL with 0KIAS
n[10:07:07z] Flight Phase: Taxi Out
n[10:16:37z] Flight Phase: TakeOff
n[10:17:10z] Gear Up at 353 ft MSL with 147KIAS
n[10:17:22z] Flight Phase: Climbing
n[10:18:23z] Flaps 0 at 2816 ft MSL with 184KIAS
n[10:38:02z] Flight Phase: Cruise
n[11:01:59z] Simulation Paused
n[12:14:19z] Simulation Continued
n[12:38:23z] Flight Phase: Descending
n[13:00:30z] Flight Phase: On Approach
n[13:09:10z] Flight Phase: Level Flight
n[13:09:11z] Flight Phase: On Approach
n[13:09:20z] Flaps 1 at 4422 ft MSL with 206KIAS
n[13:12:05z] Flight Phase: Level Flight
n[13:12:07z] Flight Phase: On Approach
n[13:12:09z] Flight Phase: Level Flight
n[13:12:35z] Gear Down at 3018 ft MSL with 173KIAS
n[13:13:27z] Flight Phase: On Approach
n[13:13:35z] Flaps 3 at 2856 ft MSL with 171KIAS
n[13:13:50z] Flaps 4 at 2560 ft MSL with 153KIAS
n[13:13:53z] Flaps 5 at 2503 ft MSL with 149KIAS
n[13:14:01z] Flight Phase: Landing
n[13:15:25z] Touchdown with a vertical speed of -155ft/min
n[13:15:25z] Landed
n[13:15:26z] Flight Phase: Taxi In
n[13:15:51z] Flaps 0 at 376 ft MSL with 40KIAS
n[13:16:41z] Recording stopped
n[13:16:41z] Max. Simrate: 1x
n[13:16:41z] Client: CCFTracker Free
n[13:16:41z] Client Version: 1.2

Thank You flying for us ! Hope to see you soon

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