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New Hubs / Fleet Expansion

Hello, I hope everyone is doing well. As some of you might of noticed I've added two new hubs for us as pilots. These hubs being in Miami (North America) and Barbados (The Caribbean & South America). At this moment they aren't fully functional. However with these being implemented more routes will come as well as an expanding of our fleet. Hopefully they should be fully functional by month end.  The fleet expanding will consist of a couple wide body aircraft and a couple which can perform task of flying for 40-60 without the expenses of using our 737s.  I will also be considering look at a much more realistic budjet for the airline


Also a side note as appose to the current many pilots use one plane, I will be trying to move to a more realistic approach for the VA, so in order to fly from one destination there would have to be an aircraft there than you can fly. Once the system is in place our fleet would be divided accordingly to the hubs. Once the bases are fully functional I will advise in another announcement. 

Posted by Akio ODonnell on 07/26/2017

ACARS Flights in Progress

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Flight # Departure Airport Arrival Airport Flight Time Landing Rate Landing Evaluation Aircraft Pilot ID PIREP Status
DBC 3244 LRBS - Bucharest ... LYPG - ...00.59. -512 OopsB737-6 DBX031 Accepted ☑
DBC 3243 EPWA - Warsaw Cho ... EHAM - Amsterdam ...02.25 -255 GoodB777-2 DBX003 Accepted ☑
DBC 3242 ENBR - Bergen / F ... LRBS - Bucharest ...03.06. -296 GoodB757-2 DBX031 Accepted ☑
DBC 2497 EDDM - Munich / F ... LTBA - Istanbul - ...02.27 -106 ExcelentB777-2 DBX027 Accepted ☑
DBX 329 LROP - Bucharest ... EDDM - Munich / F ...02.20. -290 GoodB737-8 DBX023 Accepted ☑